Brian Gladnick MD

How is the incision closed and how do I care for the site?

The wound is closed using a Dermabond mesh, which is a sterile, superglue-like barrier that seals off the wound from the outside world. There is no need to cover the wound with any dressings or other materials. However, if you are putting ice on the area or using an ice machine, a towel or some other barrier should cover the skin so that there is no moisture condensation on the wound.

Showering is allowed right away after surgery. You may allow soap and water to gently pass over the Dermabond, but do not try to scrub, clean, or spray the area directly with water. Soaking of any kind (bath, hot tub, or pool) is strictly forbidden until six weeks after surgery.

Over time, the Dermabond will gradually flake away with the natural exfoliation of your skin. If it starts to peel prematurely, the peeling edges may be trimmed with a scissor, but do not pull any additional Dermabond away from the wound. In most patients, it should stay in place for 4-6 weeks.

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